87. Myth or Real?   Dr. Fox could really use some suggestions from Friesian owners/breeders of things to include in this year’s AGM presentation.

Answer:  REAL

This year, my AGM presentation has been entitled “Caring for Your Horse” (now that’s a very broad topic!!) as an interactive lab.  While there will not be a live horse to demonstrate on, a live-sized plastic model will be available.  So, what has been suggested it to approach this from an “emergency situation” standpoint, thinking about what makes up an appropriate emergency medical kit and how to provide some initial treatment for your horse until a veterinarian can take over.  While I believe that it’s important to understand what is normal for a horse so one can determine what is abnormal, I don’t want this to be so basic as to be redundant.  I do plan on covering topics such as bandaging, eye emergencies, colic, etc. but what I really want is to know what you, as owners, want to learn with respect to this topic.  So PLEASE post your suggestions and let’s see where this takes us.  My goal?   That each and every attendee at this AGM take home a new tidbit or two of information that will make taking care of your horse, especially during a crisis, just a tiny bit less stressful.  

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