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12: Myth or Real? Smart Gut Ultra (SGU) has been shown to prevent gastric ulcers from increasing in horses that were treated with omeprazole (Gastroguard).

Answer: Real Little data was available on the effect of Smart Gut Ultra (SGU), an equine supplement containing botanicals, coating agents and natural antacids, on gastric ulcers in horses. A group of researchers, with funding from the makers of SGU (SmartPak Equine LLC), undertook a study to answer that question by looking specifically at the…
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11: Myth or Real? Megaesophagus is (most likely) a hereditary condition in Friesian horses.

Answer: Real - but here is some additional supporting research!! In a recent paper published in November 2014, the researchers at Utrecht University Equine Clinic and Wolvega Equine Clinic confirmed what had been reported before by previous studies, that being “the predilection of Friesian horses for megaesophagus compared with non-Friesians”, with the prevalence reported to be 2.2% of…
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