93. Myth or Real? Losing a pregnancy in the mare can truly be a devastating experience.

Answer: REAL

Losing a much anticipated pregnancy in your mare not only means the loss of a foal, but also the time, money and effort expended to achieve that pregnancy in the first place. On some occasions, not only is the foal lost but also the mare. At this time of year when breeders are weaning last year’s foals and getting ready for next years new babies, it becomes a good time to consider each and every pregnant mare as they move through their gestation and evaluate them as to whether they might fall into the “high risk” category. I recently came across, again, a quick fact sheet that I had saved on my computer that outlines “18 Facts About High-Risk Equine Pregnancies” and wanted to pass along the link to this quick but important read to you:


There is much good information out there now about this very subject, so hopefully as you skim through each “fact” it will inspire you to research further anything that seems to pertain to one of the beautiful pregnant mares within your own herd.

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