Monthly Archives: April 2016

70. Myth or Real?  Pain in the horse can be evaluated through both behavioral assessment and physiological measurements, with behavior being (perhaps) the best tool.

Answer:  Real In a recent review article, two researchers in Europe discussed the “recognition and quantification of pain in horses” with the goal being a new pain scale that could be put into use in equine veterinary practice.  They first identified what is considered normal horse behavior and compared it to pain-related behavior by comparing non painful horses…
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69. Myth or Real? If your horse could talk to you when under saddle, he might suggest to you that a scratch on the wither is more relaxing than a pat on the neck.

Answer: Real In an abstract recently published online, a group of researchers undertook to answer the question as to whether “wither scratching is a more useful tool for relaxation compared with the common practice of neck patting. In the current study, 18 horses were exposed to 3 treatments, including control or no interaction, neck patting…
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67. The Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses recently sponsored 5 different speakers that focused on health related topics at the FHANA AGM held in Ft. Worth, TX.

Topics presented were in the areas of nutrition, genetics, orthopedics and Friesian research. All presentations were video taped and are now available for viewing along with presenter’s bios under the “Education/Links” tab on the Foundation’s website: BREEDING FRIESIAN MARES Kory Niswender, DVM, ACT Equine Reproduction Specialist Dr. Niswender took us through the process of breeding…
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