Monthly Archives: May 2016

72. Myth or Real?  If your horse is giving you “the look” with his left eye, he may be thinking by your expression that you are angry.

Answer:  Real In a recent research article, the question as to whether non-human animals can recognize human signals, specifically the domesticated horse, was put to the test.  “To date, several species have been found to recognize human emotional expressions when presented with the full array of body cues, or after training to specifically match facial features associated with…
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71. Myth or Real?  In an abuse or neglect situation involving horses, animals must be legally removed by law enforcement or a contracted agency OR the act will be considered theft.

Answer:  Real Because The Fenway Foundation For Friesian Horses has a surrender program, we often get questions or receive concerns regarding Friesian horses that are in less than desirable situations.  While we are all saddened by circumstances such as this, the real question becomes one of what can and should be done and by whom? …
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