Monthly Archives: July 2016

77. Myth or Real? In a recent study of Friesian colts, cryptorchidism (testicles that are not descended into the scrotum) was found to be linked with the size of the testicles.

Answer: Real In a recently published paper out of the Netherlands, the research group set out to estimate the genetic parameters of cryptorchidism and testis size in Friesian colts. From the years of 2009-2012, data was collected by a veterinarian during inspections on Friesian colts from 1-7 months of age. Data included age of the…
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76. Myth or Real? Dressage horses that swish their tails during a test may be exhibiting behavior at odds with the FEI Code of Conduct guidelines.

Answer:  Real A group of researchers in Poland looked at what was termed “conflict behavior” (CB) in a group of show jumping and dressage horses.  They defined CB as “a response exhibited by animals that experience difficulty coping with mental or physical discomfort and is more often demonstrated as some form of resistance to handling or training cues…
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