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81. Myth or Real? The new Leptospirosis vaccine can now be safely used in broodmares for all three trimesters of pregnancy.

Answer: Real In a recent article from The Modern Equine Veterinarian, the new leptospirosis vaccine LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR (Zoetis), has received additional approval for use in broodmares for all three trimesters of pregnancy. “Field safety studies, which examined the vaccine when used in the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy, showed no systemic or local reactions to vaccinations.”…
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99. Myth or Real? Measuring the rate of collagen degradation in the Friesian horse has little significance when trying to explain the predisposition of this breed to soft tissue diseases.

Answer: Myth In a recently published paper, a group of researchers undertook a project to examine breed-related differences in the breakdown of collagen. Their interest in this stems from the thought that issues such as aortic rupture, megaesophagus and gastric rupture are ”a manifestation of a presumed underlying soft tissue disorder.” Specific components of collagen…
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