The Fenway Foundation is a charitable organization. The Foundation has received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Friesian Community possesses some incredibly talented individuals who share a similar passion. Depending on your talents or ability to assist we can always use your help. Call us today and help lend your assistance to preserving and protecting this noble breed. We have several committees in development.


Approved Stallion $5,000 and over

Friesian Horse Association of the Southeast
Maddis Friesian Ranch / Ruth Page & Gregory Walsh
Susan & Robert Adams
Susan Johnston, in memory of Marcia Kelnhofer

Model Mare $2,500 - $4,999

The Randy and Michelle Stuck Family Foundation
Heidi & Scott Crawford

Preferent Predicate $1,000 - $2,499

Mid-Atlantic Friesian Horse Association
William Blair & Company Foundation
International Friesian Show Horse Association
David & Debbie Emge
Sandra & Peter Ierardi
Heidi & Eric Smith
Renee Hines
Whimsy Hill Studio / Lynda Sappington
Dramatically Unlimited / Beth Maitland Banninger
Mastercraft Awards Inc.
Jolene & Jerry Caruso
Todd & Jacque Werner
Terisa Lynch
Iron Springs Farm in memory of Hedser
Diane & Donald Konrad
Laura Zugzda
Chris & Candace Toms, in memory of Frij

Kroon Mare $500 - $999

Northwest Friesian Horse Club
Lolke 371 LLC
Pam Crown Memorial Fund
John & Victoria Cultra
Ken & Mary Vander Loop
Michael & Valerie Lee
Lynn Schmidt
Rex & Theresa Marshall
Meg Skribblz
Kristina Simpson
Nancy Jensen Brown
Beth Kornegay
Marcia Goodwin
Patricia Powell
Lesley-Ann Van Deren
Kris Fulwiler
Debra Corson
Friesian Horse Club of Southern California
Friesian Horse Association of the Mid East (FHAME)
Kristal Hildyard
Casey DeLong
Linda O'Neil, in memory of Marije fan it Heim
Amy Patterson
Equus Couture
Alan & Dodie Wilkins
Sheila & Richard Gerry

Sport Predicate $250 - $499

Paul & Julee Kula
Renee Hines
Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association
Erinn Chelstrom
Frederik the Great / Stacy Creasy
Meribeth Aarnink
Diane Drouillard
Kathleen Carmouche
LuAnn VanDalsen
Jennifer Bondelie
Donna Kelley
R. Donald Bell
Tesoro Foundation Inc.
Theresa Wick
Christina Gregory
Linda Clark
Laurie Trainer
Mary Ann Smith
Erin Miley
Dana Campbell, in memory of Iaugustus
Marc & Erin DiLeo, in memory of Gerke
Fran & Richard Scott, in memory of Remme
Madalyn Spina
Nicole Trapp/Barryridge Equestrian Center, in memory of Haye
Mike Yankunas
Don & Britt Bent
Adrienne Xagoraris
Charlotte Dumford

Ster Predicate $100 - $249

Kathryn Bess
Deb & Kevin Tracy in memory of Pam Crown
Marvel Jeffcoat and Dan Kessler, in memory of Pam Crown, Wander 352, Gerke and Murk
South Central Friesian Horse Association
Lynette Woodhouse
Meyers Electric
Chad Hamon
Pam & Chad Schneider
Raymond & Crickett Bocik
Rochelle Soucek & Rodney Hubbs
Michael Niss
Mary Sroka-Calvert
Colorado Friesian Horse Club
Paula Roberts
Shelly Venus
Victoria Gillenwater
Karen Hall
Angie DePuydt
Rhonda Hooper
Regine Brockway
Sharleen Johansen
Tiffany Reyenga
Kathryn Leonard
Karen Aneiro
Gail McDonald
Tamara Hollingsworth
Jennifer Bondelie
Scott & Leslie Losey
Lynne & Wayne Mullens
Linda Schicker
Sandra Sandee
Cathryn Stetka
Patty and Steve Lamson, in memory of Oberson
Angela Caster, in memory of Dr. Rosalind Randall
Russell, Angela, Trevor & Nerina Crisp, in memory of Dr. Rosalind Randall
Karie Chapman
Sheila & Richard Gerry
John & Rebecca Eccard
Sherri Barnes
Holly Huxform, in memory of Remme
Jamie Knight, in memory of Nugget
Ruth Baugh, in memory of Nugget
Charlotte Dumford, in memory of Nugget
Elaine Terwilliger
Michele & Rock Ripley

First Premie $50 - $99

Beatrice Whiteley
Douwe Plantinga, in memory of of Pam Crown
Sally DeStefana, in memory of Pam Crown
Kay Peterson
Erin Miley
Diana Steadman
Mauch Friesians
Kristen Galloway
Sabina Wiggins
Deborah Kafka
Geneva Armstrong
Allyson Gagnon
Beverly Lambert
Melissa Tyler, in memory of Mary McBride
Tracey Alexander
Jess Bircham
Stacie & Daniel Riehl
Andrew Sisson, in memory of Zegna
Linda Schultz
Claudia Rayner in memory of Nugget
Jill Clayton in memory of Nugget
Allison Thomas
Dianne Whitehouse
Michael Crutchfield in memory of Sean Stallings and Roffel
Joan Fraleigh
Rhonda Shockley
Christine Hagerstrom
Amber Severson
Claudia Bemiss-Sniff
Sonya Fraleigh

Fillies & Colts $1 - $49

Ann Jeffree
Lisa Eldred
Liberty Diversified International
Lori Baker
Marsha Hanneman
Mark & Laura Albers
Joan Watson
Robert Brand
Holly Huxford
Kathy Blain
Renee Kazel
Ngarla Tetley
Terri Williams
Jill Luna
Carolyn Blair
Rana Epona Animal Communications
VeVe Cobbs
Desiree Williquette
Dani Vavra
Tara Waldrop, in memory of Dr. Rosalind Randall
Margaret Stockberger
Erin Sisso, in memory of Mary McBride
Stephanie Raffety-Wilson, in memory of Mary McBride
Tabitha Gomes, in memory of Mary McBride
Sara Sharratt, in memory of Mary McBride
Anna Seijbold-Wallen, in memory of Mary McBride
Dr. Erica Hauck, in memory of Mary McBride
Julie Flagg , in memory of Mary McBride
Nancy Cloud, in memory of Mary McBride
Erica McCrary, in memory of Mary McBride
Jennifer Jennings, in memory of Mary McBride
Diana Zimmerman, in memory of Mary McBride
Rhonda Sale, in memory of Mary McBride
Michael Conway, in memory of Mary McBride
Jen Muzzy in memory of Nugget
James & MacKenzie Palumbo in memory of Nugget
Tracy Estes
Mary King
Mary Kraft-Lee
Hilary Peurano
Kari Hill
Brittany Lais
Teresa Guest
Greg Piercey
Mary Carll
Krista Porter
Gay Hisert
Julie Williams

Key Non-Financial Contributors

Cally Matherly
Laura Zugzda
Marc & Erin DiLeo
Ann Jeffree
Fran Scott
Avenue Art
Susan Werner
John Roberts