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104. Distichiasis

Distichiasis, a rare condition in which extra or “double” eyelashes grow from eyelids, should be considered as a possible cause when diagnosing certain eye conditions in Friesian horses such as excessive blinking, excessive tearing/watery eyes or chronic corneal ulceration. Distichiasis is rare in horses and is a result of unorganized and additional eyelashes that emerge…
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103 Myth or Real? There may be more to aortic rupture in the Friesian horse than can be explained by the current knowledge regarding collagen and elastin.

Answer – Real A recent literature search turned up an article entitled “Friesian horses show higher arterial blood pressure compared to Warmbloods” which immediately caught my attention. A group of researchers at the University of Gent explored the idea that hypertension could be a possible risk factor for aortic rupture in Friesian horses and, because…
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